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Cierzpięty - Agroturystyka Mazury

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Cierzpięty is a picturesque village situated only 200 kilometers from Warsaw (2,5h by car). Follow the route for Pułtusk - Ostołęka - Kadzidło - Rozogi - Spychowo - Nawiady.

The village lies amongst the unforgettable Puszcza Piska forests by The Mokre Lake. Surrounding areas are perfect for hiking, the woodlands are full of wild mushrooms and the nearby lake is a popular destination amongst anglers (with plenty of pike, bass etc.) It is also a restricted area of true peace and quite - a perfect getaway.

This is where the famous Krutynia river has its beginning - a nature reserve. Unforgettable surroundings and wildlife. The Krutynia kayak route is said to be the most beautiful in Poland. Cierzpięty (just wait till you try to pronounce this!) is a peaceful, quiet village surrounded by spectacular, unforgettable landscapes, with some of the trees as old as 300 years.

Cierzpięty - jezioro Mokre

Founded in 1570 with nearly 24 houses it has not changed much at all. It was renamed in 1906 from Czierspienten to Zollernhühe, It is right there, on the outskirts of the village, where Mrs Barbara Woźniak created her magical oasis. It features two independent bi-level suites, 2 double bedrooms each with fireplaces, refrigerators, satellite TV and bathrooms. Two 2-pax suites are also available.

You are welcome to explore the surrounding areas, pick mushrooms, go fishing, sailing or kayaking on the beautiful Mokre Lake. Horse and carriage or sleigh, bonfires.

Horseriding, hiking or running grounds - the choice is yours. Our ground also feature private, direct access to the lake - just look at the picture and explore it all for yourself!

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